don't shoot the messenger (II) - Philip Ewe

A car’s headlights are left on as it sits in the middle of the estate filling and billowing with red smoke. Operatic score projects from the top floor walkway. Philip Ewe 'don't shoot the messenger (II)', as part of 'Capital I', Bede House, London. 2017


Doggerland Journal Issue #3

'HG x JD' by Hannah Gregory; a diaristic interview with artist Jesse Darling, evolving over last autumn around ideas of love, community and communion; 'On Navigating a Legacy of Song' by Phil Owen, exploring private domestic singing and the continuum of influence in traditional song and '(becoming) tumbleweed' by Daisy Lafarge; both an extended meditation on the missing link of dividuation as a possible corrective to individualism, and a case study of staying at The Shakespeare & Co.


Alice Gale-Feeny

'How many other people are you able to drift with, alone?' A digital project and conversation with Alice Gale-Feeny, developed intermittently over a year of exhibitions, emails, screenings, studio visits, texts and Skype calls.


Too Close to See

Info dump from two day programme at LARA in collaboration with School of the Damned, where we lead a group imagining around speculative artist-led spaces of the future. We aimed to sketch out some of the practical structures necessary for building such a space of para-institutional independence, in parallel with some of the particularly contemporary hindrances to achieving this, grounding flights of fancy with reference to some of the barriers and struggles of 'really-existing' artist-led projects in the UK.

Digital Texts

Emily Pope

Digital Texts is a new series of collaborations between Doggerland and other writers and artists, platforming creative writing situated around or in response to a wider artist-led/artist-fed culture. Broadly speaking, the writing hums with the lived-experience; fictional, personal, societal, niche, marginal or otherwise.

This Room is too Dark for a Friend is a collaboration between Emily Pope and Doggerland, mediating themes in the text to include video, audio and caesural display. The media at the top of the page will differ, determined by an automated script responding to Pope's location and whether she is at her flat or not.

Artist-led Map

Map of artist-led activity around the UK

We're pleased to incorporate an interactive map feature to the website, offering a resource for city-centric and regional focus, a visual directory of spaces around the UK. By no means a fully-comprehensive survey, the map will grow in time to reflect the ever-transient artist-led landscape, taking into account past spaces, and projects without a defined base or area.